Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I first heard about this app a couple of weeks ago. There was a post going around showing a youtube video. If you have not seen it yet, then here is the link to it:

There are two versions of this: RetroCamera Pro which is $1.99 and does not leave a watermark on your photos. The free version is identical to the pro, except that it leaves a visible watermark.


I had been putting off reviewing this app because I wanted to give it the best review I could. But for
now, I will say that I love this app. The filters you can choose from are amazing, and the results look
beautiful. However, this app suffers from one fatal flaw: low resolution. The highest it has is the size of
the screen of the iPhone. How could they come up with something so amazing and have such a
low input? I downloaded the free version and I was lucky when someone gave me a code to the pro
version. But I wouldn't purchase this until it has a better resolution.

This is the biggest size. Gorgeous results, but it's so small.

Watermarked version

Pro Version

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