Monday, December 21, 2009


I finally took the plunge and purchased Hipstmatic.

"With a swipe of the finger, change your lens, flash, or film. Each adds a unique touch to your HipstaPrint, so mix and match to find your favorite combination!"

The app is $1.99 in the app store. After you buy it, you can buy two other films in the app, for 99 cents each. The way the app is designed, it is confusing, because it looks like it is going to cost 99 cents for each film, color gel, etc. But really, they are in two packs, making the app $4.00 in total.

So far, I like it. The effects can come out really beautiful and you can try out various filters, flashes, etc.

The bad, so far, it has crashed a lot. I was messing around with it today and it crashed 4 times in about 6 or so minutes. That is a lot. But I am hoping it will be resolved in the next update. Another thing that is a bummer, is that you can't import old photos, it has to be new ones.

Some new features for the update:
  • Major Stability Improvements
  • Option to enable "Precision Framing" Viewfinder (for more controlled compositions)
  • "Classic" Viewfinder is now more randomly wandering (for more unexpected fun!)
  • New free lens: Kaimal Mark II
  • New free film: Blanko
  • New HipstaPak: Shibuya (includes Roboto Glitter Lens, Berry Pop Flash, and Float Film)

Here are some examples of photos I have shot with this app:


  1. Hi Kristin, I'm a "wannabe" iphoneographer, I just got hipstamatic with the BW supergrain film but I notice that Jhon S+BW supergrain always produce very dark it normal?
    I like this combination, because with the other lenses I always get blurred photos, or too clear..I would like to get pics like your second example (supermarket) but it seems difficult with this app.

  2. Hi I am very sorry for the late reply, I didn't even realize there was a comment!

    I think that is normal, to get very dark photos. For my example, I think I used John S lens, and Black Eyes B+W for the film. =]