Monday, December 7, 2009


Took me way too long to write a post about this app. I am a member of the Polarize/LOFI group on Flickr, as well as being a moderator for that group. So I have known about the app since it first came out, back when it was called "ProjectPolaroid". I really admire the developer and the way he can create apps. (I will write about his other apps, LOFI and EffectsLab in later posts) I always had such a fun time taking photos and then putting them in the Polarize app. The app has been free since day 1. Never has he charged for it. Unfortunately, for the past couple months (a lot more than a couple to be honest) Apple has not let him submit another version of his app. This is very unfortunate because there were supposed to be new additions to the app like different handwritting, less bugss, not crashing down as much, etc. But maybe Apple will come to their senses and give us our update. Here is the group (incase you haven't joined yet, come by, say hello!)

Here is the link to the app:

Anyways, here are some photos from the app that I took:


  1. Awesome fall colors.
    Thanks For Sharing

  2. Great site, I'm very much enjoying it! I like seeing how different apps check out to others before I buy them. Thanks for this site!

    Polarizer is gone now from the app store, no?
    It's sad, if it's true, because it was a great app. Do you know what the story is and if they/he/she is working on another app?