Monday, December 28, 2009


I have had Phlomo for a few days now, it is a free app that turns your photos into "Lomo" style photos.

^Here is the menu, you can choose one of your photos to "Phlomo" or take a new photo. Then, you upload it to Flickr. So you have to have a Flickr account for this app to really work to your advantage. Because it doesn't save your photos unless you go to the settings to check "Yes" for "Save a copy of Phlomoized Photo" And even when you do that the photos come out with a low resolution.

The effects are nice, but with the low resolution and not being able to save how you would like to, I wouldn't recommend this app. Even though it is free, it's not really worth it.


  1. have you tried TiltShiftGen, I use it, QuadCamera, CameraBag, and Photogene the most but I have pretty much bought and downloaded every photo app out there

  2. I saw your journal about me on DeviantArt. Get over yourself. I haven't visited your page or spoke of you since our argument. Obviously you're still stuck on me or something. Why do you still continue to go to my page and then post my journals on your journal talking about 'artists putting down another artist' when you're blatantly putting me, an artist, down? Grow up.

  3. This is what I like about iphones, you can always download the applications that you need. It's even cool that the latest model will be introduced this year.